Hello, I’m Dominik.

I’m glad that want to know more about my music. I could tell you now, that I’ve always been making music, that it is the most important thing in my life, that it’s is so friggin extraordinary, that my music doesn’t belong to this or that genre… but what would that tell you about me and my music?

I did many things in life, but there was the one thing, I always did and that’s music. When I was a kid, I was singing in the church choir with my older sister, I played the recorder in school and when I was about 13, I bought an old guitar from a friend, but never really learned how to play and put it in the corner of my room until I fell in love with punk rock and alternative rock. So, I learned some chords and joined a punk rock band with some friends. After we broke up, I wrote some songs, not really knowing what to do with them until I started recording them at home and published a little digital album “The 1” as bIg fIsh radIo. I started looking for a band again and I started playing my songs in pubs, alone, just with my acoustic guitar. And I fell in love with playing like this, reduced, simple and pure. The band thing didn’t work out again and I started recording some acoustic songs, also simple and pure, reduced to voice and guitar. Not as bIg fIsh radIo anymore, but simply using my name.

That’s it. Check out my music and I hope you like it. Whether you do or not, have a nice day and take care of the world around you.


 Photo: Martina Franz




Photo: Simon Stenger